What We Do


We offer a complete service of assistance and advice to facilitate those who want to buy or sell with guarantee of safety, a lutherie guitar. 


- Evaluation of instruments

- Photographic file and documentation 

-Videorecording of the instrument

-Shipping (free for the national territory)


-Photoshooting of your instrument

-Sale of accessories (strings, cases, etc.)

-First assistance (change of strings and setup)


Years of experience have taught us that buying and selling a lutherie instrument is an important and delicate moment that requires a careful evaluation in order to reconcile the best quality and the pursuit of convenience. In line with this objective, we have elaborated our proposals:



Buy an instrument:

The easiest and most recommended thing is to visit us in our showroom located in Carpi, via Matteotti 12, where you can try the instruments of your interest with all the calm and attention you need.

If you live far away and have no chance to move, we can offer you additional photographic documentation, a video with the test of the instrument and a comment from one of our experts, in addition to shipping that is free for the national territory.


Sell an instrument:

At our discretion, on instruments that we consider to be of particular interest, we offer direct purchase or exchange if you wish, at the time of sale, to evaluate the purchase of one of our instruments.

In the other cases we propose the formula of the sales account under the following conditions:

together with the seller we evaluate the selling price, create a high quality photobook, adequate documentation and, if necessary, a video with the test of the instrument. The announcement of sale of the instrument will be present on our website, in our showcase on the Mercatino Musicale, and on other spaces of GuitarMind on the main social networks. GuitarMind is committed to selling your instrument over a period of six months, after which it is possible at your request to renew the advertisement or withdraw the instrument. For these services we retain a percentage varying from 15% to 20% of the total price of the instrument once the sale has been completed.


We remind you that it is always necessary to contact us by e-mail before proceeding with purchases