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The Space

GuitarMind is a space dedicated to lovers of classical guitar. It promotes events related to the guitar world with a particular focus on historical and contemporary lutherie guitars

Who We Are

GuitarMind born from the passion for the classical guitar, with the intent to give life to an activity able to fully answer the requests of the lovers of this wonderful instrument


GuitarMind is a showroom highly specialized in the sale of classical guitars. Within this space you will find attention, qualified advice and the chance to try the instruments in an ideal environment

What We Do

We offer a complete service (advice and assistance) to facilitate those who want to buy or sell, with guarantee of safety, a guitar of violin making

Ultimi Arrivi


Paganini Guitar Festival

      PGF_2019_Libretto (20.5.19) II BOZZA AFFIANCATA   qui il link di questa bellissima iniziativa che si terrà a Parma dal 23 al 27 maggio 2019!    

Touch The Sound

Siamo felici di poter annunciare questa bellissima iniziativa all' interno del nostro spazio. Un'occasione unica per poter studiare con artisti di livello internazionale come Marco Ramelli e Petra Polackova. Con…